The Long Story


It all started when…

Three years ago we wished for a monthly weekend market for our fellow vintage vendors & makers here in Sarasota. We had been traveling to St.Pete for sometime to enjoy the culture, markets and street food that thrives there. Why cant Sarasota birth a indie culture of its own we thought? 

The answer was that someone need to make the space for it. So space is what we found first. Tucked into a district that I grew-up in, We found a blue vintage cottage with a large oak tree covered yard. We grew so much that first year in the blue cottage, going from 320sqft to almost 1,500sqft was a challenge we met with all night work parties, lots coffee and cold pizza for breakfast. It was some of the best days of my life. 

Then we just needed vintage dealers, bakers, potters, painters, up-cyclers, food trucks, musicians to give it life. Thankfully we had been vending at markets and making friends along the way. We called up all our favorite makers on Floridas gulf coast and on November 19th 2016 Canned Ham Vintage hosted the first Rosemary Indie Market in the up and coming Rosemary District.     

  As they say ……the rest is history.